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Allama Sajid Naqvi: Recognition of Shias in Constitution is equal to recognition of Ali un Waliullah

sajid naqviChief of Shia Ulema Council Pakistan and Senior Vice President of Milli Yakjehti Council Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi said that there would be no compromise on Shia Islamic beliefs.
He said that nobody should even imagine it because in an age when it may have happened, enemies would not do it. He said now Shiite beliefs are like a line on the iron, and those who wanted to erase would be obliterated themselves but they could not be able to harm the Principles of Shia Islam.

Allama Sajid Naqvi urged that Shias should not pay attention to the non-issues it's not a problem at all. Many enemies of Shiite surfaced and they were finished. But, Shiite and Shiite Beliefs are alive.

The SUC chief said that making non-issue as an issue is not profitable but a loss. He said by doing so, simple and innocent people will be upset and objective of enemy will be resolved. Hence, he said things of this sort should not be attached importance. Hundreds of cases were brought before and this is not the first case.

Senior Vice President of Milli Yakjehti Council has said he was keeping an eye on such developments. He asked Shias they should not help enemies attaining their target by falling to their traps.

“Whenever problem like this arise, courts and agencies contact me and I immediately go through the matter. Whether it is Council of Islamic Ideology or Muttahida Ulema Board, I am in contact with all,” he said.

Mr. Sajid Naqvi asked that Shiites should not be made psycho patients through these issues.

He categorically said that in the Constitution of Pakistan, Shiites are recognized and this recognition is equal to Ali un Waliullah. He said we are constitutionally independent in our affairs. We are not called minority. As per Constitution, we have national and international freedom and rights. He urged that promote unity in your ranks and continue to follow Azan e Ali Akbar (AS).

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